Sunday, November 12, 2006

Guitar Anatomy

To know the guitar, you must first learn what the different parts of the guitar are. The pictures below will show you what each part of the guitar is called.

Before you begin playing, you must also know how the frets and strings are numbered (See Figure Below). The strings are numbered from the lightest (thinnest) to the heaviest (thickest). So the thinnest string is the first string, and the thickest is the 6th string. A guitar in standard tuning is tuned to E-A-D-G-B-E. This shows the 6th string to the 1st string. In other words. 6th string - Low E, 5th string -A , 4th -D, 3rd -G, 2nd -B, 1st -High E. Look at the diagram to find out how the frets are numbered. Note: The 0 fret is also the open note on each string.

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