Saturday, January 27, 2007

Reunion & Stage Fright

So we had our reunion yesterday (2003 batch). Ya, it was fun, meetin up with old friends (not that i had many), and just catchin up on life 4 years after we left school. Made some new friends too, :) :) :) was really kicked about that(you see, i was very shy in school) Yay!!!!!
Hats off to Mohit & gang for the organisation, the arrangements were awesome!!! Anuraag's gettin to be quite a pro at the Turn-table, nice, very nice. Vignesh has an amazin moustache and is in love with The Beatles. Unreal!!! And them posers is still, ya, them posers. Nevertheless, they never failed to put a smile on my face, even in the dullest of moments :-) , hehehe, the sacrifices people make, stupid morons. Guess there is a price for being cool. Glad you guys obliged, thank you very much.
Yours truly here performed and hence the Stage fright in title. But before we move on to that lemme introduce my mates to you. Achintya Rao - Tabla & Harmonica, Presently In Xavier's S.Y.B.Sc. Next up Rolins T. Roy - Keys, rhythm and percussion. Education - 2nd Year Architecture at D.Y.Patil. The brains behind the Bounty Humpers (thats what Achintya & me decided on). Our set list - A medley of Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath & Deep Purple's Smoke on The Water followed by a jive cum blues number, an OC if you'd like. Well, as you'd know it, i got on stage and wham!!! i froze. To think that i'd finally fought off my demons and here they were, tormenting me once more. The traces of poise that i had shown in recent gigs, were gone. The only silver lining being my friends who, inspite of me, convinced me to hang in there, and showed absolute faith in me. Guess what, it worked!!! My fingers found the right notes and by the time we got to Smoke On The Water we were, yaa, smokin!!! The crowd gettin behind us was another plus. But i was still gutted and insisted on leavin out my solo for the blues - jive piece, for it was to be spontaneous and the last thing i was up for was blah blah, ..blah blah blah & then i soloed. Saala, i look like i'm in a mental agony video, just cant seem to, even fuckin smile!!!! You know which song my friggin face is likely to remind you of?? - Iron Man. Boy do i need stage presence...anybody got any tips on that??......and yes, its a lousy solo!!!!!!!......The videos will explain, they'll be up as soon as i know how to post 'em.


fish said...

the more time you spend on stage doing stuff.... the less afraid you are. but you can never really totally eliminate the fear

Bhargav said...

lets see...with time i think i will