Monday, January 15, 2007

Vishal Mhaske :: The Cool Dude

Noticeable mostly by his short curly hair & total indifference to worry. Dont know what he's doin in a place like Agnels. Anyways here's a short bio on one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet. Just his college routine, nothin else. It Follows below ::
College begins, but aforementioned dude is nowhere to be seen. A couple o weeks later, Mr. realises that his attendance is low and must cover up. Zhaou man, through sheer will-power & some nifty calci-work , figures out how many lectures he gotta attend, grits his teeth, sits through 'em and wouldn't u know it!!? Dude's got an attendance of 75-80%. Killer man, killer. Later, come submissions, and our man has gotten through one, at the most, two subjects in the prelims. However, Zhaou man, steers through all the re-tests, vivas & other shit the profs throw at him & finishes submisions on par with the others (I mean my class by the others).
Oh yeah, another Vishal trait, pre-P.L Veeshall doesn't know a thing about his subjects, but come exam time and he knows 'em inside out, and the bitch gets a first class every Sem (wid the exception of the 1st i think). Only area where his case gets taken is the term work. He loses out on that big time. Would've made the nerds feel like horseshit if he'd got those in hand. Tough luck dude, you should've gone to R.A.I.T , then you'd really kick butt. Besides that, dude's got a karizma, a PSP, a Credit Card & wants to be a doctor. Yeah, he's cool....cheers dude!!!

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James Roze said...

Delightful! I'm very happy to get the bio of such a wonderful personality through your post. Good luck for Vishal!
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