Monday, March 19, 2007

Iron Maiden - Phenomenal!!!!!

Scream for me Bangalore! ; Scream for me Bangalore!!!!! went Bruce. And scream and holler we so did. And who wouldn't?? Maiden, live, in the flesh, and you, right there, 20m from them, what a fuckin day!!!!!!!
Lights go out, Adrian, Dave, Janick and Steve rush out to the front, Nicko gets on his seat, and out of fuckin nowhere, Bruce, Bruce friggin jumps over the kit to come onstage(6 ft long jump) and completes the lineup. Crowd goes hysterical, what do ya expect?? Maiden, right there, dream come true man!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some of 'em couldn't believe it, hands on their heads, & for the rest of us (like me) unable to control ourselves, we screamed ourselves hoarse. What happened in the next 2 hours is a phenomenon which cant be explained. For words can't do justice to elaborate what happened at the grounds on tht saturday night. A different world we were taken to indeed.
Maiden's ability to connect with us was truly a gift. From dedicating Wrathchild to Leon Ireland to getting the whole crowd to sing Fear Of The Dark it was an experience to be lived in, not something you'll get watching the DVD or by listening to 'em on your player or pod. You had to be there you faggets!!!!! See 'em live and you'll know WTF i'm talkin about. 'coz LIVE is where Maiden is, where Eddie is!!!!
A professional act in every sense, playing and performing. And yes, they pulled out every trick in the bag, nothin toned down or held back, same set, same energy, just like the maiden you've seen on the vids and concerts abroad. These Lads make their songs come alive on stage. Its some surreal Adrenaline Rush Phenomenon!!!! By the time the Tank with Eddie was on-stage the crowd had already gone bonkers (it was after Fear of The Dark you see) And when Eddie actually walked on stage in his matter o life an death military uniform, we were bowled over. Song of The Night - The Trooper, most of it on part of Bruce's crazy antics during this number. Wavin the Union Jack, tappin it on Adrian's head (very amusing), the possessed sprinting, climbin all the way up the railing(47 feet), to swivelling the the foglight over all of us, yeah, that was some performance, the energy the band exudes from this one song will get you scramming, singing, humming, jumping and headbanging all at once. Couple That with Wrathchild, Fear Of The Dark, Number Of The Beast, Run To to The Hills and a few more & you've got yourself 2 Hours of adrenalin pumping riffing and vocals. Eddie did show up, first in his tank (ya, a tank), and later during the encore in his military uniform, shooting at us with his gun. An amazing character and apt mascot for maiden, master eddie. His tank was damn amazing!!!! Had its barrel right on my face. Killer man, killer!!! Wish it had blown me to shreds.
And ya, a thing about maiden shows - you wont even know how sapped you are until after the show, they drained you thorughly. Some surreal Adrenalin Rush Phenomenon (ya, really!!!) those 2 hours were. That night i was a spent force, legs, hands, arms, feet, everywhere, agony. But who cares, certainly worth the strain!!!
Post concert, what a hangover moi was left with. Reality seemed boring and mundane. In a word, the journey back home was simply - shallow. Worries and fears that had crept in, were expulsed and laid to rest on the grounds that night. Never have i been so happy and relaxed. Those bastards'll have to bust their brains (like they have one) to pull me under again. I'm Livin' in a Dream!!!!!
Oh, for those of you wondering about the Set list, it was a mix old classics coupled with songs from their current album ( A Matter Of Life Of Death, you ibanovs!!!). Wish they'd played a few numbers more from their earlier albums. Still worth every fuckin second though. Cant wait for 'em to return. 17 months i think, muuhahahahaha!!!!....Maiden!!!! Maiden!!!! Maiden!!!!!!! Maiden!!!!!!

And for Those of you who didn't get IBANOVS, its an anagram of sorts, minus the S. Just read it back to front and you'll see. Just so you should know, its been borrowed, courtesy a Bong friend o mine, going by the name Of Kaushik, also referred to (though not with good intent) as Jhadoo(Broomstick). And looks like one too ;) No hard feelings with that last line i hope??
For a professional account of the happenings on the night of 17Th march,2007 follow the link below ::


Phaniprasad M said...

Seems like a memorable gig! Such energy and stage presence coming from 50 year olds is unbelievable. Im sure they enjoyed playing here as you guys did. Hope what you said about them performing here every 17 months henceforth is true and materialises.

Bhargav said...

considerin the response they got for their first gig, dont think they'll hesitate in visitin india a second time....and abt the energy...guess if u got the passion & faith...the rest will follow

Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

come to bombay...come to bombay time round i hope to see them here...that'd be amazing.

Bhargs Man said...

Nxt time maiden come, and u miss 'em, then i'll really pity u mate...not tht missing them this time is very excusable, their first gig in india ever, and what a gig it was...mind-fuckin-blowing!!!...tht u definatly hav missed...

Bhargs Man said...

And Bombay...i doubt 'em playin here...MMRDA is too small...and tickets'll be way more expensive too....what with all the taxes they an all the impose on foreign friggin myopists!!!!

BR Maan said...

Oh ya, Bruce had had mentioned of maiden bein baak in india within 17months....muahahaha!!!...maiden!! maiden!!!!! maiden!!!!!