Friday, April 06, 2007


Watched 2 movies the previous week viz. Apocalypto & 300.
300 - Aint a bad movie and is good entertaintment, but is a little toooo fantastic. I mean 300 spartans slaying the combined armed forces of all Asia is very far fetched. And the characters and fight scenes have been amplified beyond belief. Still, good entertainment.
Apocalypto - Watch if you like gore, violence, human sacrifice, live heart extractions and bodies lying in pools of blood. Perfect complement to The Passion Of The Christ. Besides that, its also got a group of natives running after another native, 'coz the captive native killed the clan leader's son, and now father dearest must avenge his son's death. In the process, all of the native clan(6 ppl i think) are killed, while Mr.fugitive survives and saves his family. (That is how the story ends). How it all began?? Well, this native guy's tribe is first ravaged by a clan (same one mentioned above) from another tribe, where he and a few others are captured to be sacrificed 'coz it hasnt rained for weeks, and this myopist tribe believes that human sacrifice will please the Gods and bring rain. But wait, just as native is about to be split wide open, there is Eclipse!!!!! People go beserk, the gods have answered their prayers and they have been salvaged. Duh!!!! Hilarious.

The fugitives are granted reprieve, but what must be done of them?? Well, the clan decides to use 'em as target practice, the fugitive native, seizing the oppurtunity, escapes, and then follows the aforementioned chase.
Forgive me for the poor narration, i just suck at stories and writing in general. But then again, Apocalypto doesn't have much of a script!!!
In other news, moi has prelims for the next 2 weeks, will try my best to study, lets see how far i go with that. And Elda keeps pestering me bout my adsense moolah. Damn irritating i must say, and dude, you cant calculate it, the amount varies depending on the day the check was issued. Sorry mate, but i don't get your money is money funda.
Finally gonna get back to guitarin t'day, nice,.......been a long time since i played my Ibanez........gonna enjoy listenin to its sweet tone again...
And ya, there's an ADLABS openin in a few months time which is just a 5min walk from home. The place is a complete entertainment complex with bowling alley an all. Awesome!!!!! No more long trips to the city to watch a good movie. Yay!!!

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