Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bored?? Try Creativity

Bored of all the goings-on in college, at work, on just life in general. Repulsed at even the sight of those books?? Well, looks like you need a change. For me, that change is creativity. Seriously, try it. Sure enough, it'll rid you of the lethargy and rust that has sunk in from the monotony, and enliven you with new found vigour and enthusiasm. A channel, relieving us of all that has crept in from the rote donkey work, that's what creativity does best. All the frustration, the stress and the weariness starts seeping outta ya, and voila!!! your back. The Brain's got the fuel it needed and recompenses us handsomely, suddenly, our hearts are light and our shortcomings, trivial.
What is it, that triggers your muse??? Well, that is for you to ponder. Try something lucid and simple like reading, playing an instrument, writing, painting, poetry, sudoku, to name just a few. So what if you ain't good at it, who cares??!! You're the benefactor here, its you we're talking about. Take my case for instance. I know I'm not good at writing. But hell who cares??!! Suffice to say that it provides me with a channel to vent my frustration, angst & lighten my load in general, which is a must considering the environment i live in (viz. The Jail). Besides, i am more than willing to relieve myself in this manner, rather than in some way which'll cause harm to both others and to me. And, with time, you never know, i might actually improve!!! Sounds good to me. So go ahead, give creativity a shot.

P.S - This article is based on personal experience and there is no guarantee that the techniques suggested will work for everybody. ( I'm not kidding ).


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