Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yes, boredom. No matter how hard one tries, there seems to be no escape from it. Standing in lines, studying for that one mundane subject, there seems to no end to the no of boring things one has to do everyday. But the boredom that I've written about in my previous posts doesn't belong in the aforementioned. Its the type that people suffer from when they're let go, when they're set free, and given complete responsibility for their time and actions. Within a week or less, you'll hear that oft repeated phrase "Man, i'm so bored!!!!!! There's nothing to do". (A phrase which, i too can be accused of using, tho, at a frequency far lesser than the majority). They'll sit around all day doing nothing and simply ponder over the question "What do i do now??". A question, to which they find no answer or are too lazy to even try finding one and are content with allowing themselves to rot. Thing is, i find this to be both dangerous and a crime. Lucky for us they don't jail us for it. And the danger?? Try - "An idle mind is the devil's workshop??" How true that is....
You may call me blunt, but like it or not, i do have a point here. How do you overcome this illness?? That's for you to figure. Can't help you there. Although, if y'all know me, you may have noticed that i have made some progress in this direction, and found things to keep myself busy with. So maybe i can. But lets leave that for later.

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