Friday, June 01, 2007

Wanna Catch Man-eater??? Use Cellphone

Read about this in The Times Of India a couple o days back. Couldn't help but smile. It Happens only in India they say, so true.........

A ringtone to catch a man-eater ::
Forest officials in Samba village in the Mahuva taluka of Surat district, who were trying to catch a leopard that had killed a boy from the village on Friday, used a mobile phone with a ringtone that sounded like a rooster to lure the beast into a trap.
The ringtone was a backup just in case the petrified live rooster in the trap decided to clamp up.
The technique was simple. When the officials in pursuit of their elusive killer were sure that the leopard was in the vicinity of the trap, they dialled the 'bait' phone and kept their fingers crossed, hoping that the sound of the rooster would persuade the leopard to head towards the cage.
If this sounds like a hare-brained scheme, it's time for a rethink - officials were successful not so long ago in trapping a man-eating leopard by using this technique in a nearby village.
Three months ago when farmers sighted a leopard in the sugarcane fields in Kathia village, forest officials decided to capture and release the animal somewhere near Ukai. But it turned to be a Herculean task as the chicken refused to squawk for hours and the leopard stayed away.
"It was then that a funny idea struck me. I have a mobile ring tone that sounds like a rooster's cry. I placed my cell inside the cage along with the live rooster and between midnight to 4am when the chances of a leopard coming out for its kill are high, we started calling my cell from another cellphone. To our surprise the trick worked and the leopard fell into the trap," said forest officer Satish Purohit.

Moral Of The Story ::
Don't hesitate to try out ideas that seem stupid at first. 'Coz sometimes, they just might work!!!!..... :D

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