Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My First Fortune Cookie

Got my first fortune cookie today. Here's what it says ::

For Better Luck, wait until winter.

Better luck eh?? Well, for starters, I'm not much of a believer in luck anyways. 'Coz for the major part of my life, luck really hasn't played a pivotal role in it as such. The leitmotif of my 19 years of existence has generally been :: As you sow, so you reap. Been getting what I've deserved on almost all occasions. There is the occasional godsend when I'd least be expecting it but, as always, nullified courtesy some misfortune at the most inopportune moment. Both, "good luck" & "bad luck" are perpetually in sync with each other, consistently crossing each other out.
The Chinese are smart people yes, but paying heed to those 6 words wont assist me much with whats to come till winter, be it good, bad or ugly. And, in truth, my "luck" graph has shown quite an ascension in the past 2 weeks. If its to get better with the arrival of winter, life, is good. :D

But wait a minute!!! Mumbai doesn't have much of a winter!!!(2 weeks at most).....Now how encouraging is that??!!....damned cookie.... :(

Anyone of you guys got one of these???...what did it say???


Rajeev said...

nice blog brotha! :)
lol! sad to know bout that cookie! :P
I donno, i haven really heard of such cookies! :D
hehe! and bout the life, I guess we both are sailin on the same boat!
Life really sucks!
nice blog btw!

peace & love

elda said...

fortune cookies huh? nice ones. i've eaten a lot of them. the fortune papers gone down as well. swallowed the thing whole

Bhargav Rajkhowa said...

you ate the ppr??!!!...WTF.....lols..u just beat batman..