Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hazards Of Boredom

Man i am so bored that i nearly got hit while crossing the road today. What happend?? Well, i was crossin the road and was so lost in my thoughts that i checked jus one side of the road while crossing. Quarter-way through my crossing, this mistake was brought to light. By whom?? A Biker dude who was kind enough to honk his horn until i finally woke up. Dunno what would've happend had it been some crazy BEST or NMMT bus driver. Probably be in the Hospital or dead if it were one of those guys, they just dont care. Now that would've made a lotta people happy. Tough luck suckers, i'm still here. Dunno whats gonna happen next though. If any one of you folks do have an idea plz leave 'em as comments. Thank you.

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Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

good thing there are no NMMT buses where I live. and besides herer if you get hit by a vehicle (yes even a bus) it's not likely that you;ll be dead. there are WAY too many people crossing the roads for vehicles to gain enough momentum to killl you