Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pune Happenin???

Hey, Pune looks like its thee place to be. Malls, pubs, multiplexes, inox's, its got it all. The places to go to are endless. And with tons of college students in the city you'll always have company for anything anytime. The best part about it all is the travel time man, 15-30 mins max. That is jus so awesome. Plus the pace at which things move is a slower compared to bombay, givin ya far more time to breathe.
Maybe i'm sayin this 'coz i live in a shithole like vashi & have no clue about life in places like Bandra, colaba, lokhandwala, andheri etc....those places do rock!!! I'll leave it to you real Mumbaiites to decide between Mumbai and Pune. Maybe i will move to town one of these days and get a taste of life.......Anyways, if you are in Pune go to Burger King, (no its not connected to the Burger King in the US). Its a local restaurant thats been running for a long long time in Pune. After going there you'll simply chuck Mcdonald's coz the stuff there is amazing!!!!


Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

hey let's not forget that a lot of the post places in bombay are heppening if you'd have it that way. try bandra, juhu even malad these days. it's way more happening than pune. and besides it's not that far. even town rocks. that's something you'll never find in pune. as for the travelling well...that's city life

Elda Alias The Smoking Mackerel said...

that's posh...not post places

BR man said...

Guess pune will always hav a townish feel, livin in the shadows of big city brother Mumbai. And frankly, there's way more you can get away with in Mumbai than in pune. Again, this is a matter of personal opinion.